Well, the trip to Swindon was not a full blown epic fail after all. When all that was needed to secure a spot in Sundays Championship group was a win against the Swindon Rec Wildcats, the changing room was positive, however, a shock defeat in our final game cost us that place, which left us contending for the Plate on Sunday.

A distinct lack of goals was the main talking point over beers on Saturday night, managing only 5 in 4 games during day one. Ahead of games on Sunday the lineup was tweaked and after two scoreless draws on Sunday it looked as though we were going to miss out on the trophy, again due to lack of goals! Fortunately, the goals trickled in during the final two games and we were able right the wrongs of Saturday, by beating Swindon Rec Wildcats and also held on to scrape a win against Milton Keynes Jesters in our final game to secure the Swindon Recfest 2012 Plate.

Championship Winners – Milton Keynes Hurricanes
Championship Runners Up – Nationwide Knights

Plate Winners – Sheffield Squeelers
Plate Runners Up – Basingstoke Hyenas

Cup Winners – Royal Navy
Cup Runners Up – Medway Madness

Forward Of The Tournament – Mark Freitag (Westminster Statesmen)
Defender Of The Tournament – #59 (Streatham Night Wolves)
Goalkeeper Of The Tournament – John Egginton (Sheffield Squeelers)
Spirit Of The Game – Streatham Night Wolves

A big thanks and congratulations to all involved, and here’s to next year?