Our 400th goal was scored by Richard Foster, assisted by Jack Cousins and Shaun Dickinson at 57:35 (EH) vs Nottingham Knights (@NttmKnights) on 20-04-2013.

We have 1 trophy. Plate Group winners at Swindon RecFest 2012.

We have had 4 shut outs. @ruriledger has 2 which were back to back, Dan Whittaker has 1 and Pat Sutcliffe has 1.

Our 400th goal is coming soon! We’re currently at 392!

Our 300th goal was scored by Tom Sweet, assisted by Pat Sutcliffe at 44:15 (EH) vs Milton Keynes Jesters (@MKJ_Official) on 02-06-2012.

Our 200th goal was scored by Tom Sweet, Unassisted at 22:10 (EH) vs Grimsby Stormers (@GrimsbyStormers) on 07-08-2011.

Our 100th goal was scored by Simon Law, Unassisted at 46:50 (EH) vs Altrincham Aardvarx (@Aardvarxhockey) on 21-11-2009.

Our fastest goal stands at 8 seconds, Pat Sutcliffe vs @GrimsbyStormers (29-05-2011) and Jack Cousins vs @Cardiff_Demons (24-03-2013).

We’ve scored 392 goals and conceded 163 over 40 games.

Our highest Win streak is 11 games.